Stefano Richetta

Stefano Richetta, a dj who happens to also be the promoter of the techno parties that set the tone of today’s party scene. An asset giving him the overall vision of a winner on all fields. He speaks the international language that communicates with the crowd, the staff, the organization and his fellow artists with a disarming attitude. His resume consists of the events that matter, with the likes of Awakenings, Mystery Land, Free Your Mind Festival, Dance Valley and Twstd among them. He knows everybody and everybody knows Stefano Richetta. In his role as a promoter he keeps pushing the limits with the CLICK and Express editions. As a dj he embodies the concept of the party. An ambassador of the Dutch party scene who righteously can claim this title and a valuable addition to every party that wants to keep the spirits alive and the juices flowing. Keeping the fun, passion and love in the game.

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